Love Hope Strength Cancer Foundation

Zaccheri is raising money for cancer through his music.


Basically, you just buy a song and the proceeds go to the Love Hope Strength Cancer Foundation. It is a minimum of $1.29 per song ( 5 songs to choose from ) and it will give you the option to donate more for a song if you choose.

On the website it states that 50% is donated to the foundation but Zaccheri has decided to donate 100%. He will be taking the other 50% that normally goes to the artist and be donating it the Love Hope Strength.

You can check out Love Hope Strength at

Love Hope Strength works with musicians (Train, Jason Mraz, Robert Plant to list a few!) to raise money and awarness. They are a wonderful foundation that helps victims of cancer all around the world. It only takes a minute and you get music in trade for your donation, pretty awesome!

Please SHARE this with friends, colleagues and anyone you can think of who would like to support a great cause. .

And please donate. We all know someone who’s fought this dreadful disease

Click on this link to listen to the music and donate!


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