A New Award and Chat with Zaccheri Gray

We here at zaccherigray.com would like to congratulate Zaccheri for  receiving  ’Runner Up ” in the  ”Song Of The Year International Music Competition”. The competition is world-wide and we are very excited that Zaccheri’s “Lullabyes Baby” was recognized Internationally!

Ok, now on to the fun stuff. Zaccheri Wants to chat with you! He asked us to make a point of inviting EVERYONE to follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

Click this link for Twitter https://twitter.com/zaccherigray 

Click this link for Facebook https://www.facebook.com/zaccherigray

He’s always online chatting, sharing new cool music, recipes, fashion, flirting with girls, and posting hilarious pictures/content that may or may not be appropriate. He also loves interacting with fans and getting feedback, so when you follow him. Don’t be afraid to send him a message!

Ok, thanks for reading. See you next post.

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